Benedicto Yara


For Benedicto Yara, coffee is more than just a something that he grows on his farm or a product that sustains his family, it is part of his life and it has been part of his life for many years. Over time, Benedicto has created a beautiful business around coffee and it is proudly called “Yara Coffee”. He works together with his wife Amparo and his son Yeison. Recently, Benedicto suffered a heart-attack and doctors have recommended that he doesn’t work on the farm in the same way that he used to. Luckily, he can rely on his beautiful family who help him in with everything, and they all work towards the same objective that they learned from Benedicto: to produce great coffee and to receive better prices. “As I have learnt from my family, they have learned from me from the years that I’ve been producing coffee. I trust them because I know that they do a great job producing fantastic coffees” says Benedicto. He owes his farm and his success in coffee to his family, for him it is the most important asset of any coffee grower, to have those that support you close by.

“I’m personally very grateful to Caravela, because they have always been there, in my ups and downs. I feel comfortable knowing that if my quality lowers, they will let me know and come up with recommendations and ways that I can improve” he continues. Since starting out in coffee Benedicto has changed many things about his infrastructure and processes. He remembers, at the beginning, he had very poor infrastructure and carried out short fermentations. Now, he has changed many things on his farm, and knows exactly what to do to produce great coffee.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

4 Hectares

Area in Coffee

2,7 Hectares


La Plata


1,700 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – June 
Second semester: October – December

Processing Method

Fully washed and traditionally fermented for 30 hours.


Cachimbo, Cedar trees, Guamos.

Drying Method

Dried on raised beds of covered patios.