El Guayacan

Around 300 coffee growers from San Ignacio, Cajamarca with average farm sizes of 2-3 hectares

San Ignacio, a province located up north in the department of Cajamarca in the border of Ecuador, is also well known as land of natural forests and for being capital of Peruvian coffee. After its political and religious long history, today, San Ignacio stands for having a big potential to grow in a big scale and become a prosperous town. This community is working together to contribute to becoming a province leader in tourism, ecology, and the growth of agricultural products. El Guayacan is a beautiful and majestic yellow tree that usually embellishes the coffee landscapes of northern Cajamarca, hence the name of this coffee. You can also find these trees providing shade and protecting coffee trees.

El Guayacan coffee covers several of our oldest relationships with quality-minded coffee growers in northern Peru. Our PECA team has been working with this group of producers for three years and we have been able to see amazing results in terms of infrastructure and quality of the coffee. We are excited to work with coffee growers from this region because they are committed to investing in their farmers, improving quality, and in developing a sustainable and noble standard of living for their community.

Farm Varieties



San Ignacio




1,600 – 2,100 MASL

Technical info

July- November

Processing Method

Fully washed


Full Shade

Drying Method

Dried on patios or in covered beds on each producer’s farm.