Los Ancestros

More than 10 producers from Huehuetenango

Los Ancestros coffee grows along the mountains that surround the Mayan archaeological site, Zaculeu, in Western Guatemala. Huehuetenango’s past is marked by an intense history, beautiful temples, and ancient civilizations that is reflected in the intense fruity notes of Los Ancestros. In Huehuetenango, we work with around 13 coffee growers that contribute to this community blend and produce coffees with strong red fruit, lime, honey, and vanilla notes. The variety of microclimates, combined with the diversity of altitudes within the region, and the passion of these coffee growers make it possible to produce amazing coffees.

The coffee producers that contribute to Los Ancestros have medium-sized farms. The average size of farms in the region is 14.5 hectares and their productivity is around 1,828 kg of cherries per hectare. Coffee growers in this region are innovators, they love to try new processes, new varieties, and new ways of doing things to achieve better prices. Lately, they have been innovating by experimenting with honey-processed coffees and have achieved some incredible results.

Farm Varieties
San Pedro Necta, Santa Barbara, Todos Santos Cuchumatanes Union Catinil
1,200 – 1,900 MASL
Technical info
December to March
Processing Method

Fully washed and honey processed.


Oak trees and native trees.

Drying Method

Covered concrete patios and raised beds for 14-18 days.