Around 20 small-scale coffee growers from Santo Tomas, Cajamarca

Ukuku is a character from the Andean mythology. The story says that the Ukuku was born from the union of a woman with a spectacled bear and the creature is half man half bear. The bear fell deeply in love with the lady and decided to hold her captive. The lady became pregnant and when the Ukuku was older she told him that his father, the bear, was keeping her from her liberty, so the Ukuku decided to kill his father to let his mother in liberty. The Ukuku inherited the wisdom from his mother and the strength from his father. This character is in charge of protecting the community and the environment as well as purify the lands with ice brought from the snowy peaks of the region to hope for great harvests. In this region, farmers mainly grow coffee and sugar cane.

The coffee growers from this region are also known for the characteristics of Ukuku, they are strong and wise, and they are persistent and hard workers. They have been growing coffee for decades and today, they are keen to continue working towards improving the quality of their product. Their farms are surrounded by a natural reserve called San Andres, which makes this region perfect for coffee growing, blessed with a big diversity of flora and fauna and constant rainfall. From cherry to parchment, these coffee growers strive to produce great quality.

This coffee has notes of chocolate, dry fruits, brown sugar, and vanilla. The aftertaste longlasting.

Farm Varieties
Santo Tomas
1,700 – 2,000 MASL
Technical info
June to September
Processing Method

Fully washed.


Native trees.

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on covered patios.